Monday, January 23, 2006

Deep Condolences to the Death of My Niece

I am very very sad to know the news from my brother, Tubi, and his wife, Yaya, in Jakarta, that they lost their first daughter in a hospital. Yaya gave birth to an already dead baby, presumably because of the induction and stress as she passed the due dates. They said the baby was very beautiful, like his father; and my mom said the baby's body was already blue when she was out of the womb. I am very sad, we are very sad; we realize that there is only a tiny gap between happiness and sadness; we expected to be very happy, but we turned out to be very sad; we have lost our new member of family. All I can do now is to pray and to comfort my brother and Yaya; may Allah give both of them strenght and perseverence in this time of sorrow and sadness.

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