Sunday, March 18, 2007

Feeling Bad about Iraq

Coming to the fifth year of the war and conflict in Iraq, the situation is no better off. I feel bad I am carrying out my daily activities when people, mostly Iraqi civilians, and thousand American and allied troops are suffering.

Why is it so hard for politicians to admit mistakes they made? Why is it so easy for them to make justifications of their weaknesses and losses? Why is it so difficult for different groups in Washington and in Iraq to find the best solutions? Why is it Iraqis and neighbors making the situation even worst with their suicide bombings? Are men and women today no better than the people in the classical and medieval ages when they waged against each other for the sake of self-dignification at the expense of peace and prosperity? Why is it for them unimaginable to stop the war, to rethink their ideological inclinations, to sit together and to find common grounds that will bring them all to the end of the bloody and truely destructive event of humankind of all times?

I am feeling very sorry about what has happening in Iraq; what I can do is write and speak up loudly; no more I can do. It is there in Washington, and in Iraq, that the heart of the decision is to be made: continuing or stopping the suffering.

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