Saturday, June 09, 2007

Being Instructor at Islam and Southeast Asia Workshop

Global Village Initiative

A Partnership with the Department of Education, Doris Duke Charitable Foundation, and the Honolulu Academy of Arts
Funded by the Freeman Foundation

2007-2008 Theme: Islam and Southeast Asia

We look forward to Year II of the Global Village Initiative.
Guided by Dr. Barbara Andaya, Director of Southeast Asian Studies at the University of Hawai`i, our Global Village Year II will include:
Annual June Workshop, June 12 - 16, 2007
Four Professional Development Workshops
June Workshop

This one-week workshop will provide rich content on Islam including an historical understanding (spread of Islam, key figures, major belief and value systems), Islam and economic networks, cultural and art traditions, impact of colonialism on the Islamic world, modern Islam in response to internationalism, and human rights issues and what does it mean to be Muslim? We will explore the Islamic diaspora to include Sub-Saharan Africa, Middle East, and China.The workshop will be led by Muhamad Ali, doctoral candidate at the University of Hawaii in the Department of History. Born in Indonesia, Muhamad Ali attended Islamic schools his entire life. Before his graduate studies at the University of Hawaii and the East-West Center, he was an Assistant Lecturer in the Faculty of Religious Thought at Syarif Hidayattulah State Islamic University in Jakarta.Joining the teaching faculty will be Amy Landau, Curator for Shangri-La, the Honolulu home of Doris Duke which houses an impressive collection of Islamic art.The one-week workshop will also feature a teacher excursion to Shangri-La and the viewing of the Malaysian film, Sepet, an award winning love story about a Chinese boy and a Malay Muslim girl separated by religious and racial difference.
Download a pdf file of the Workshop Syllabus
Workshop Outcomes
Teachers will work collaboratively to co-create statewide model curriculum. Rubrics will be developed to assess teacher learning before and after workshop.
Extended Learning Opportunities
Four Professional Development workshops will focus on writing curriculum with DOE master teachers and on rubrics for assessment of student learning:
September 22, 2007December 8, 2007March 7, 2008May 3, 2008
PD 3-credit option;
School visits to the Honolulu Academy of Arts to view Islamic art galleries;
Student art work created as an outcome of the Global Village Initiative exhibited at the Honolulu Academy of Arts
Possible cultural performances

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