Saturday, October 28, 2006

Dinner and Chat with Nia Dinata

The pictures: Nia and her fans in a dinner and chat with Indonesian students, at 12th floor, Hale Manoa. (well, there are more pictures taken with other cameras; this is the only good one from my camera, without me).

It was productive and nice; students and families came with their food, drinks, leis, and more importantly with their enthusiasm.

I moderated the chat. The questions were around the planning and making process (budget, length of production, etc), the idea behind the theme, why the sequences begin with pak Kiyai, then ordinary couples, the different scenes, the current situation and prospect of Indonesian film industry, who the more lucky men in the movie were, how the actors/actresses were selected, how Mbak Nia was able to produce a good movie (she replied passion and quality), and other issues.

Eveyone then enjoyed the food (different kinds of delicious food: ketupat sayur, chicken, fried rice, tofu, a sweet cake with "congratulations Love for Share", grapes, etc). There were a lot of pictures taken; everyone seemed happy. No one missed congratulating Mbak Nia. No one missed taking pictures with her.

10.14 pm, Hale Manoa, 27 Oct 2006


latifabdul said...

Selamat berkenalan, dan selamat berhari Raya Idul Fitri.
Saya sangat tertarik membaca resumme anda dan tulisan2nya.
Yaa kita ini sesungguhnya adalah sebagai anda katakan"the permanent world leaner" saya juga masih belajar.
Silakan kunjung gubuk humble
Kami sekeluarga tinggal di Arkansas.Silakan mapir di Arkansas,kalau jalan2 daratan.
Wasalamu'alaikum wrwb

musiQalbu said...

Assalamu'alaikum Wr.Wr

Gimana sehat Ka? semoga sehat aja ya, saya baca-baca blognya,boleh kan?...

Apep Zuhdi

Anonymous said...

muhamad ali is the greatest boxer ever and if he was 20 years he could any ones ass so i pray you get this and if your ever in scotland come over to my house at 39 forest road